Internet Of Things (IOT)

Cloud solution with plug and play – for those who need an easily accessible “The simple way” with the possibility of development and the need to collect data without being an IT specialist. 

IOT and data collection can be a big task, reserved for companies that themselves have the resources to implement such a complex project, which often requires large investments.

Comadan focuses on simple and easily accessible solutions that are based on standard C-MAC modules, generally available connectivity and a configurable platform for processing and displaying data.

With a solution based on edge computing in the sensors and a data platform with cloud functions that process and analyze data.

Since Comadan started developing wireless IOT solutions in 2016, the goal has been to be able to offer a cloud solution that allows property management, companies and machine manufacturers to access operational and consumption data.

Over the years, we have developed functional solutions where we focus on the needs of the users,

in relation to energy, environment and operational optimization.

We build on experiences from projects with producers, several Danish municipalities, University of Aarhus and Danish farmers.

With our C-MAC modules, we have the opportunity to create a cost-effective, flexible and individual solution adapted to the requirements of your IOT project.

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Wireless data collection

In a large number of contexts, measurement, registration and reporting will be needed in the future. We have gathered everything you need in C-Mac Insight and offer the ideal communication solution that collects data securely and cost-effectively – with clear, clear presentations on both desktop and mobile devices. With the C-Mac Insight IoT, you get both a tailor-made solution and proven components that make it easy, fast and safe to get started. C-Mac Insight is characterized by reliability, longevity and ease of use, which can be documented by ongoing solutions.

Areas of application

Data collection with a focus on continuous measurement and registration, e.g. consumption measurement, measurement of tank content, measurement of water level etc. Monitoring with a focus on whether one or more parameters are within the defined, permissible range, e.g. machine monitoring and temperature control in refrigeration / freezing systems. Notification / alerting via email or SMS can be linked. Analysis with focus on how the given plant / equipment is used. Data can, for example, tell whether newly purchased equipment is used and perfume as intended – whether the expected gain is met. Is the equipment correctly implemented and / or is there a need for further training. Given the environmental challenges and ambitions of the future, C-Mac Insight can be used to great advantage in the following areas: Water level changes due to cloudburst Sewage flow and overflow Tank monitoring, septic and trick tanks Warehouse monitoring, feed, granules and wood pellets Monitoring, local fuel tanks Energy measurement Monitoring and documentation of refrigerators / freezers Temperature measurement Humidity control For existing plants We provide solutions for retrofitting, so that promising IoT possibilities for data collection are achieved for use in servicing, operational optimization, monitoring, etc. For new plants We optimize with OEM solutions, where we work closely with the individual customer adapts the system with IoT as an integral part of the functionality.

Modular technology

With its modular construction based on a number of proven building blocks C-Mac Insight is assembled based on customer-specific conditions in a plug and play solution that is ready for assembly and operation. Therefore, there is only a short way to a tailor-made OEM solution that handles specific challenges and issues. C-Mac Insight includes i.a. following modules: Closed loop input 4-20mA Pulse input Binary S0 counter input Temperature measurement Bus interface Equipment for wireless communication Data processing and interpretation software Display as table or curves on PC, tablet and mobile Data delivery to existing management system (SCADA / BMS) Default configuration: Running status once an hour Collected data is forwarded to a platform of your choice. Alternatively we can offer data display on a platform from Senti. This allows you to set alarms, monitor limit values ​​and process / coordinate data before presentation. C-Mac Insight operates on the most widely used networks, both subscription-driven (NB-IoT, SigFox) and customer-owned (LoRa Wan, WiFi). We advise on what is most optimal in the individual situation.

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