Components for control systems and automation

In or complete range of products you will find the components and solutions that make it easy to create a solution for your control and automation problem. For many of the customers where our components are installed, reliability, service life and ease of use are cruical for a successful solution. Among our products and solutions you will find, among other things:

  • Signal converters with galvanic separation
  • Electricity meters
  • Combi relays
  • Sensors and encoders
  • Own produced C-mac products
  • Assembly boxes for complete, elegant and safe solutions

With our C-mac electricity meters in a modbus configuration, for example, you can easily monitor and analyse consumption with maximum precision.

Robust temperature controllers for heating and cooling

Our range of controllers for heating and/or cooling includes on/off, PID controllers and controllers with neutral zone and compressor protection.

When you need particularly robust temperature controllers or regulators for refrigeration and frost, Ascon is the obvious choice. We have the complete Ascon range – see the most popular products here.

C-mac are specially produced components in high quality

Whether you are the first person we produce a new solution for, or you buy one of our well-known components, you can be sure that we have carried out a thorough function test. If you have a specific challenge that cannot be solved with some of our existing products, do not hesitate to contact us.

Automatic monitoring for ventilation systems

We have sensors for ventilation systems that measure temperature, relative humidity and pressure conditions, possibly used as filter guards. Our advanced C-Mac differential pressure transmitter ensures a constantly updated picture of the conditions in the ventilation system and notifies when the filter needs to be replaced. Another popular product is our combined C-Mac temperature and humidity sensor HSR16, which comes as an insert sensor for duct mounting.

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