When existing solutions are not enough

Comadan A / S manufactures its own products, including electronic timers, analog converters and humidity sensors, all of which are produced under the C-mac brand.

In addition to our own C-mac products, Comadan A / S manufactures a wide range of custom specified solutions, where manufacturing and testing are based on the customer’s special specifications.

Quality is in focus, and all units produced undergo and pass a functional test before leaving the factory.

Ordinary electrical installations can be done with standard components. But when it comes to industrial production plants and machines, there are often special requirements for functionality.

Here it is often necessary to monitor the process closely – it may be to ensure certain temperatures, air pressure or to optimize production and consumption.

At Comadan A / S, we help professional electrical installers find the right solution. Even when very specific requirements arise for a solution where standard components cannot be used, we are geared to produce special solutions – even in small numbers.

Specialists in industrial electrical solutions

C-mac meters, timers and more

C-mac is our own brand, which has become known for quality products with many functions and applications. Over the years, we have specialized in producing exactly the control electronics that the industry lacks. Our experienced production staff has for several years manufactured electricity meters, current meters, power meters, combi relays, solid state relays, electronic time relays, analog converters, limit switches and humidity sensors. When needed, we build turnkey solutions into elegant mounting boxes, ready for easy and quick installation. We are flexible – and the work process from your problem arises until we have a solutions is short, so you can quickly move forward with your installation.

C-mac are specially produced components in high quality

Whether you are the first person we produce a new solution for, or you buy one of our well-known components, you can be sure that we have carried out a thorough function test. If you have a specific challenge that cannot be solved with some of our existing products, do not hesitate to contact us.

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