Specialists in industrial electronics

At Comadan, we work every day to ensure our customers the most optimal solutions. We can solve many challenges with the well-known quality products that we stock in Randers. We especially help electrical installers and machine builders choose the best solutions to the challenges they face.   Often the needs of the industrial company are so special that an existing standard solution is not enough. Therefore, in collaboration with the customer, we develop the solution that suits the current challenge. We have our own production of control electronics under the name of C-mac, which is a recognised brand all over the world.

Decades of experience with industrial electrical solutions

Comadan was founded in 1986 with a background in very specific problems and projects for the local industry in Randers. It was the start of a valuable collaboration that made us much wiser about industries in most of the world. It quickly became clear that the production equipment in Randers had much in common with those in other cities and countries. Therefore, we soon became known as a serious supplier of solutions in industrial electronics. Today, we export complete solutions to industrial companies in more than 30 countries, but we will remain in Danish hands. It has always been important for us to maintain the strong bond to the local area where it all started.

World-class relays and meters

In 2015, we merged distribution company Comadan A/S and production company Comadan Produktion A/S. It makes the best sense for us to work closely together so that we can always secure the customer’s interests in the best possible way – whether it happens with our own C-mac products or with relays and thermostats from other manufacturers, or a combination. We have an address on Messingvej in southern Randers. Here you are always welcome to come by for a chat about how we can best contribute to a world-class solution to your project. Please contact us so we can have the coffee ready when you arrive. Or write to us about your challenges so we can start thinking about the solution right now.

Our know-how is your strength